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OPGA Member Services and Benefits

What the Independent O&P Practice Needs

OPGA (Orthotic Prosthetic Group of America) members receive exclusive access to a large selection of member services and discounted pricing with the profession’s most reputable manufacturers. For an edge over the competition, OPGA members take advantage of audit protection, online education, insurance and surety bonds, industry-specific print marketing and web marketing packages and much more.

Explore each member service and benefit to learn how OPGA brings value to your business and to see what other OPGA members are saying about each service and benefit!

Member services and benefits include:

What OPGA Members Say About Membership

“Having been a member of OPGA for over five years, we enjoy the many advantages of membership from purchasing options to continuing education opportunities to billing advice and assistance.

Recently, we worked with OPGA and VGM Forbin to enhance our online presence and to improve our website’s functionality.

One of the greatest values in being a member of OPGA is the opportunity to build relationships with colleagues in our industry. With OPGA, the independent practitioner does not have to work in a vacuum! OPGA provides us with the information, current research, resources, and connections to serve our patients and clients well and to increase our efficiency and profitability.”

- Shawn and Suzanne Bright, Mid-Mo O&P

“Why, especially in this most trying of times financially, belong to OPGA?

As a facility owner, this is a question I faced when Medicare audits became a grim reality and every aspect of my practice had to be examined. In my efforts to address all of the time, monetary and professional demands we faced, I turned to all of our professional non-profit organizations. I also sought advice from OPGA. It was ultimately OPGA who provided the advice, expertise and know how to best help me face the serious challenges we all are facing in today’s healthcare climate. Perhaps this is because as a for profit company they in turn are dependent upon all of us for their own corporate success. Regardless, my association with OPGA increased ever more as I understood and took further advantage of what they have to offer my practice. The answer to my opening question is simple. The ROI in membership in OPGA is simply too great not to belong.”

- John Tyo, Syracuse Prosthetic Center