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HOMELINK Payer Network Access

OPGA offers payer network access to over 2,000 insurance carriers nationwide through HOMELINK’s payer network.

By joining the HOMELINK network, providers gain access to HOMELINK Direct Referrals from primary referral sources like physicians’ offices, hospital discharge planners, insurance case managers, other providers, and patients themselves.

You can also take advantage of Provider Direct Referrals. HOMELINK is not only a referral source to in-network providers. They also help you retain referrals for out-of-network patients by converting them to in-network opportunities.

POINT Managed Care Network

POINT is a subgroup within OPGA of ABC or BOC accredited facilities. POINT members have access to the HOMELINK managed care network along with additional POINT managed care contracts. For more details or to join POINT, contact us today!

Managed Care Contracts

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